Season 1,

Episode 7: Discovering Star Trek and boldly Blade Running

October 08, 2017

Hidden gems. Big releases. Double-bills that go with what’s in cinemas. Every two weeks, we recommend and discuss the films and TV shows that you need on your watchlist.

In Episode 7, self-confessed Trekkie Rob Girvan (@RobGirvan) joins Nathanael Smith to review Star Trek: Discovery, arriving every Monday on Netflix UK. A spoiler-free discussion explains where Discovery fits in the Star Trek universe, before a spoiler-filled chat boldly explores Episode 3 and beyond. We also unearth a social media horror you probably haven’t seen, and recommend films to watch before or after Blade Runner 2049, now in cinemas.


Episode Synopsis

  • 00:25


  • 01:40

    Hidden Gem: Unfriended (Netflix UK)

  • 10:39

    The Big Release: Star Trek: Discovery (Netflix UK)

  • 33:25

    The Double-Bill: Blade Runner 2049


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