Season 1,

Episode 5: The Tick, FrightFest and Bad Movies

August 31, 2017

Hidden gems. Big releases. Double-bills that go with what’s in cinemas. Every two weeks, we recommend and discuss the films and TV shows that you need on your watchlist.

In Episode 5, AI expert and connoisseur of bad movies Craig Innes joins Nathanael Smith to talk Amazon’s first superhero, The Tick, discuss films to watch after Detroit, and unearth a truly bad hidden gem on Amazon Prime Video. Horror guru Anton Bitel, meanwhile, pops in for a report from this year’s FrightFest, which opened with Netflix’s Death Note and premiered a whole host of terrifying new acquisitions for subscription service Shudder.


Episode Synopsis

  • 0:00


  • 02:20

    Hidden Gem: After the Dark (Amazon Prime Video)

  • 11:17

    FrightFest Special

  • 24:50

    The Big Release: The Tick (Amazon Prime Video)

  • 34:04

    The Double-Bill: Detroit


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