Season 1,

Episode 4: The Defenders with a Rom-Com Twist

August 16, 2017

Hidden gems. Big releases. Double-bills that go with what’s in cinemas. Every two weeks, we recommend and discuss the films and TV shows that you need on your watchlist.

In Episode 4, comic book guy Amon Warmann (@awarmann) joins Nathanael Smith to talk Netflix’s The Defenders, the crossover event series between Marvel’s Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist. Can it rival the big screen’s Avengers? They also look back at a forgotten early comic book movie and recommend two films to watch after Amazon’s The Big Sick, currently in UK cinemas.


Episode Synopsis

  • 0:00


  • 1:35

    Hidden Gem: Blade II (Netflix UK)

  • 09:47

    The Big Release: The Defenders (Netflix UK)

  • 30:00

    The Double-Bill: The Big Sick



Amon Warmann
Writer – Total Film,

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